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If you're looking for a new home or are remodeling in Central Florida, you can count on Diamond Construction Inc. to construct a structure that combines timeless beauty with modern functionality.


We offer a range of services from building your new home, remodeling your current home, to clearing you're newly purchased land for settlement.

Energy Efficiency

With the advancement of solar, insulation, and building technology, there's no reason not to maximize your home's energy efficiency with a Diamond Construction Ceritified Green Home.


With a green home, you'll join in the fight to lower our national carbon footprint. Help make American green again.

Dedicated Support

We are there for you from the very beginning of your project and we regularly establish long term relationships with our clients.

Land Management

Our equipment and team are ready to help you tackle the management of your land whether its one acre or one hundred acres.

Water conservation

We lay each home with water saving grass and/or install shrubs and plants that are drought resistant. Native Florida plants require less water than imported plants and shrubs, saving you money.