Diamond construction Inc

Central Florida

At Diamond Construction, Inc. we can help you build your dream home from start to finish. As a licensed realtor, we are able to assist our clients with finding land, making the entire process easy from the very beginning. Our team has over 25 years of roofing experience, so you know that you can count on our product, whether it is shingles, metal, or tile. As a licensed residential contracting company, we are ready to help our clients every step of the way.

Our extensive experience in the construction and real estate industries is established on a portfolio beginning in 1979. We build custom homes and do residential remodeling from 700 to 6,500 square feet. See the Gallery for model home examples.


We are a full-service residential construction company based in Eustis, Florida. Our team has over thirty years experience in construction and real estate, and we are dedicated to value-added construction services. We specialize in custom-designed and -built homes. When you choose Diamond Construction, you can be confident that your home will be designed and built to your exact specifications. Our team will work with you on every step of the project to ensure that the home you receive is the home of your dreams.

Green Builder

We are a proud member of "The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC)," a non-profit Florida corporation dedicated to building homes that will improve the environment. Green building minimizes environmental impact by incorporating environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the home-building and land-development process. It is a practical response to issues that affect us all, including increasing energy prices, waning water resources, and changing weather patterns. Our team will help build custom homes or residential remodeling that are more energy efficient in order to minimize the amount of energy your home uses. Being green does not always have to translate into higher costs. The benefits of doing it right the first time always saves money over the long term.

For A Green Home

Low Volatile Organic Compounds paints and adhesives • Recycle waste material (if available) • Use prefabricated floor joists and beams • Minimize use of solid lumber larger than 2x8 • Energy star lighting, roofing material, and appliances • Landscaping with native Florida plants • Use local building materials • Choose natural fiber rugs and fabrics • Select recycled material roof shingles and tiles • Specify energy efficient lighting • Insulate your hot water pipes

Details make the difference small details make a green home!

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